Ulul Albab Cognitive (CoRT)

Ulul Albab Cognitive (CoRT)


This course is based on profound studies of the al-Quran and al-Sunnah texts regarding the characteristics of Ulul Albab. All the Muslim scholars of exegesis were almost unanimous in stating that the word Ulul Albab used by al-Quran refers to those who possess the kind of mature mind and comprehension that enables them to make accurate judgments. The climax to it is that they will find the reality of truth that will save their life in this world and Hereafter.

The main idea of this course is to develop educators to be Ulul Albab themselves and also produce Ulul Albab generations in the future. It integrates 16 ayat of Ulul Albab with 58 thinking tools from Cognitive Research Trust (CoRT) from Edward de Bono to equip the participants with handy tools at the end of session.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:
• Identify the characteristics of Ulul Albab and relate them to themselves
• Breakdown and assemble education programmes to creating the Ulul Albab generations
• Apply tools to have a better way of thinking using CoRT

Course Outline

Brief attributes from 16 verses of ulul albab in Al Quran

• Ability to think with wisdom (hikmah) and righteousness (taqwa)
• Knowledgeable, Think and Amar Maaruf
• Quranic Generation and Apprehend of History
• Taking lesson and Allah’s blessing
• Doing Qiyamulail, critical and think of nature’s fenomena
• Having faith, fear of Allah’s murka and plead for hidayah

6 Steps of Cognitive Research Trust

• Breadth
• Organization
• Interactions
• Creativity
• Feelings & Emotions
• Action

Target Participants

Educators, teachers, lecturers, and any parties that involved in designing any level of education program.

Total Training Hours

24 Training Hours (2 ½ days)