Amazing Leadership

Amazing Leadership


Theoretically everybody is a leader on their own rights. But not everyone realize of the potentials and resources that God have given. Scholars, like Ibn Taimiyah stipulated two qualities needed – quwwah (hard skills) and amanah (soft skills).

Though there are many western theories on leadership available, however al-Quran provide definite amazing manual to man that raise the mind and soul to achieve something beyond the capability of self.

Facing with diverse challenges, leaders must always find the best source non other from devine knowledge itself. The best leader is the one who is always in servitude to God and submit to the manual He has provided. Thus it is an asset if man capacities (hard skills) work in parallel with the manual provide by the Creator .

The module of this course is an evidence base research by several Islamic scholars, expert in the field of Islamic leadership and management particularly by Assoc Prof Dr Ridhwan Fontaine of UIAM, who worked on findings of several western companies that fails. Impact is not measured by the size or influence, but the ability to touch the hearts of individuals within the leadership.


• Understand the amazing resource manual for effective leadership.
• Able to enhance high-performance leadership that combined results of the competency and integrity.
• Companies able to reduce the risk of failure due to faulty leadership theories and misconceptions
• Able to move plan to build legacy base on revelation.
• Prepare internal leaders that leverage on value, mission and philosophy of amazing leadership.


• Amazing Manual
• Syariatullah and Sunnatullah
• System
• Infaq
• Conflict Management
• Decision Making


• CEO and Directors
• Senior staff of companies, organizations and institutions


3 days or 18 hours