Master P.I.E.S – Unleashing Human Potential

Master P.I.E.S – Unleashing Human Potential


One of the evocative problems in humanity today is the lack of holistic self-development. To simply put it, in one extreme we can see wealthy but wicked people and on another extreme we can see good people who struggle to provide for his own life. In their minds, they are dictated by the tyranny of ore. And there are many versions of this type of problem, depending on which perspective of life we are looking at.

The problem actually voice down to one question; how do we perceive our life? In this course, we will learn that there are four aspects of life potentials namely, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual, or P.I.E.S. for short. And we ought to develop all these aspects in our lives to be a successful person in this world and in Hereafter. Each life potential has its own nature and discipline. For example, developing spiritual potential is different than developing physical potential. However, each potential correlates with each other. The lack of physical development, being poor for example, will affect spiritual development, such as we hardly hold tight to our spiritual values when are offered some shady jobs for some quick cash.
This course will train the participants to achieve total success by unleashing their full potentials holistically.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, audiences will be able to:
• Identify and distinguish the four aspects of life potential (P.I.E.S.)
• Employ the self-development way power of each life potentials

Target Participants

Open to adults of various social statuses

Total Training Hours

12 Training Hours (2 days)