Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Course Overview

Training can be new platform for dissemination of Islamic faith and values besides conventional form of Islamic learning. This course aims to train asatizah and those interested to be qualified trainer to be able to explore the development of new training curriculum modules based on Quran and Traditions of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Learning Outcome

• Able to deliver and confident in public arena
• Able to arrange thoughts before speaking/ delivering
• Able to build and produce 3 days training modules incorporating Content, Context and Choice
• Able to market training product and clear of the Business Model Canvass

Target Participants

• Preferably asatizah or others between the ages 25 to 40
• Good understanding and reading Arabic Quranic text is an advantage

Course Level & Content

Level Theme Content
1 – 3 days General TTT
  • Concept of training
  • Adult learning
  • Communication skill
  • Block and sessions
  • Story telling
  • Handling difficult clients
  • TNA
2 – 3 days Building Modules Clinic
  • Level of medicine production in training
  • Why build modules
  • Taxonomy bloom
  • 3C’s – Content, Context, Choice
  • Gamification, games and activities
3 – 3 days Certification
  • BMC for Trainer
  • Branding for Trainer
  • Presentation of the modules

** Min of 20 pax for each training