Tadabbur & Tazakkur

Tadabbur & Tazakkur

(Deep Thinking, Deep Awareness)

Course Objective

Every Individual hunt for success in the workplace, family and social life. There are numerous conventional tools and methods that is used to measure success. Competence in method to tadabbur (deep thinking) and tazakkur (deep awareness) could just be another tools using Quranic approach. The technique deep thinking and deep awareness will bring participants to few techniques to leave with al Quran so that it becomes system of life (nizamul hayat).

Course Outline

• Tadabbur & tazakkur in unleashing potential – Master P.I.E.S
• Tadabbur & Tazakkur (level 1, 3 & 7)
• Tazakkur (3P 1R)
• Case study

Learning Outcome

• Able to understand relation between tadabbur and tazakkur with legacy to succeed in life
• Able to understand used of taddabur & tazakkur specially in daily living.
• Able to apply technique of tadabbur and tazakkur in building legacy.

Target Participants

Anybody whom have passion to make al Quran as a living manual

Total Training Hours

14 hours (2 days course)