Power of Habit A+

Power of Habit A+

Thesis Statement

“And the servants of the Beneficient Allah are they who walk on the earth in humbleness, and when the ignorant address them, they say Peace.”

Course Overview

This is a full course base on the book by Charles Duhigg, Power of Habit but with an intergrated Quranic and holistic system thinking approach, Master P.I.E.S – Unleashing Human Potentials. Power of Habit studies on how to change negative towards positive behavior and thus build good habit base on Islamic perspective.

This course have been customise with Malay/ Muslim context and suitable for those whose profession dealing more with human personality and behavior – social development officer (SDO), Youth Development Officcer (YDO) and also Mosque Religious Offier (MRO), Marriage Counsellors, Religious Reference Officer, Life Coaches and Prison Volunteers and Aftercare Officers.

Course Outline

• Lesson 1: The Habit Loop
• Lesson 2: The Craving Brain
• Lesson 3: The Golden Rule of Transformation
• Lesson 4: Keystone Habits, Value & Belief
• Lesson 5: Willpower
• Lesson 6: Crisis and Difficulty
• Lesson 7: Predictably Irrational
• Lesson 8 : Tribe and Movements
• Lesson 9 : Free Will & Responsibility
• How to build good habits

Learning Outcomes

• Able to comprehend and use application tools with regards to cue, routine, behavior and reward in human psychology.
• Able to integrate Quranic perspectives and worldview on conventional psychology, counselling and social work.
• Able to apply tools from Master PIES and CASIC with regards to habit change in professions and family living.
• Able to apply concept of way power, will power and …….

Target participants

• Counsellors, Life Coaches, Mosque Religious Officers, Social Development Officers, Youth Development Officers, Prison Volunteers & Aftercare Officers and those involve directly with changing of customer/ client behavior.

Total Training Hours

18 hours ( 3 days) or adaptable to 4 weekly program.