Educators A+

Educators A+


An important aspect of Islamic Education is ‘tarbiyah’. The term “tarbiyah” have no equivalent meaning in English. It derive from an Arabic word that emphasize realization of God Conciousness (Rabb) in total human development through knowledge (cognitive), character development (affective), actions (psychomotor). Therefore as a Muslim educator one should not only able to transfer knowledge, but act to nurture, pastor and coach someone (students) to be God conscious in their physical endeavour, mind, heart and soul.

Course Outline

• Differentiate between attributes of an excellent teacher (A & A+) and less excellent teacher (B,C,D,E).
• Understand reward and punishment concept in education so as able to unleash students faith and self potential.
• Understand psychological behaviour of the different ages of students in learning ability – thus need different approaches and curriculum planning.
• How to build A+ school system and environment based on examples from history of the prophet, golden eras of the khulafa al rashidin and contemporary education system.
• What is meant by a holistic edcuation system base on physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.
• Dialectic thoughts base on tauhidic paradigm – method of systemic thinking that produces excellent teachers either through teaching and interaction with students.
• 16 verses of ulul albab in Quran and how to integrate and apply in teaching classroom curriculum and outside activity curriculum.
• Understanding a situational leadership teacher base on Ken Blanchard.

Learning Outcome

• Participants able to understand between (A & A+) excellent teacher and non excellent teacher (B, C, D).
• Able to act, apply and integrate attributes of ulul albab and cognitive research trust.
• Able to understand a situational leadership type of educator.
• Able to think and act holistically (systemic) in decision making and education.

Target Participants

• Teachers and School Administrator.
• Anybody with passion in teaching

Total Training Hours

15 – 18 hours (2.5 to 3 days workshop)