Effective Communication/ Negotiaton (C.A.S.I.C Model)

Thesis Statement

“and show me the path that you bestow, not the extreme path of those who have been condemned and those who have gone astray.”

Course Overview

As humans, we want others to accept our values, no matter the forms, differed opinions or suggestions. Sometimes when conflicts occur between any of us, we will identify the source of the problem as lack of understanding. However, the real challenge is not to make people understand us. Instead, it is to make people want to understand us.
Here, the C.A.S.I.C. model acts as the set of tools and guidelines to help us practice not just an effective communication, but a persuasive one. It will help in making people listen to our opinions and advice. The model is devised from an extensive study on Islamic spiritual texts and modern psychology researches, based on Surah Al-Fatihah in the al-Quran.

Learning Outcome

• Able to employ C.A.S.I.C. communication model on their daily and professional lives
• Able to appreciate better relation of al Fatiha with daily communication, negotiation and act of decision making.

Target Participants

Open to adults of various social statuses

Total Training Hours

2 Training Hours (2 days)