Systemic Thinking

Systemic Thinking


The problem with the education system today is the inclination to focus only on academic achievements . Because of this phenomenon, the system only manages to produce a generation with ample test scores but lack of empathy and common sense.

A decent education program must include all aspects of human life in their system. It should be a holistic program. And to do that, proper tools and specific thinking skills are needed to guide the development of any education system. This is where system thinking comes in handy.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to formulate and assess system thinking in education program/syllabus.

Course Outline

• What is a system and thinking ?
• What is thinking as a system (holistic) ?
• 10 principles of systemic thinking in Islam.
• How to use 10 principles of systemic thinking in education
• The difference between think sytemic and creative or critical
• Good Decision Making versus Bad Decision Making
• Building a Learning Organization base on Revelation (wahyu).

Target Participants

Educators, teachers, lecturers, and any parties that involve in designing any level of education program

Total Training Hours

12 Training Hours (1 ½ Days)